Our Dogs Are Family

We all love our dogs. I mean... we all really really LOVE our dogs. We get it.

They are amazing, furry creatures that love us unconditionally, what's not to love? As we go through our busy lives our dogs are right there as our sidekicks, cheerleaders, friends and inspiration. They support us, so we support them.  We go to great lengths in order to accommodate them, as recently brought to light in the New York Times article about apartment hunting: when your actually dog decides where you live (we've all been there). You'd think these creatures were our children or something. Again... we get it, it's totally normal.

Our dogs are our family. But even more so, our dogs are our best friends. Each and every breed and mutt is loved by someone somewhere whether it's the short hair, long hair, high energy, cuddle bug, 150 pounds or 7. So let your dogs express you, your lifestyle and may they always be there wagging their tails when you get home.



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