Pop-Up Shop Learning Curve

Hey guys!

Since we don't have a brick and mortar store for you and your dogs to wander in to, we have spent the last year learning the intricacies of pop-up retail stores and craft markets (along with our daily online presence). Though I do admit to having no idea what I was doing at first, the community of artists, crafters and makers are all very supportive. 

After starting with a 6 foot table and make-shift display items (not kidding I used my hamper and a shoe rack), I've developed a more refined design that really speaks to my brand. The best advice is to DIY as much as you can. I found driftwood to make display racks and used pvc pipe (which is super cheap) to hang my banner. 

As with anything, the journey is the adventure, and we never stop learning.

Here are some photos of the evolution of the Worldly Dog Wear booth!


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